Education is the most basic human right essay

education is the most basic human right essay

aged 18 and paid graduallyduring their whole working live. M, (December 31, 1969). Its impact spans historical periods and geography. And family resilience family essays we wouldn't even need to raise anyones taxes, just redirect where they. In the light of this do you think governments should make basic andhigher education free for all? Poverty tends to prevail in countries where the literacy level is low. Higher education leads to increased earningswhich will be generated some time after the education expenses have beenincurred. Education is not a luxury, but a basic human right and as such should be free for everyone irrespective of personal wealth. Fortunately, nowadays, almost every college or an university gives scholarships for students fron poor families or for the most genius pupils. MegaEssays, "Education is a RIght.

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This of course, is done keeping inmind the earning capacity of the population. All in all, there is about 50 of people who do not have enough money to survive, so how are they suppose to pay for their education? Yo yo yo, we believe that education, like healthcare, is a fundamental social good, one that benefits both individual students and society as a whole (Report, 21 March). This is why think they will not consider making education a right, paid for by ever so slightly decreases military spending, which could actually pay for education and free universal healthcare at the same time. Imagine that a state governor, believing that Education is a privilege, treats it as such and only gives it to privileged individuals. Report Post, basic human right, according to the law of human right there aren't any single notice of education as a basic human right. It is true that not every poor kid save fuel for better environment essay in punjabi can get a scholarship or a discount, that is why the ministry of education made several laws. After all, education is a requirement to getting a decent job. Education can open up doors that nothing else can.

This is not fair to girls around world. The girls suffer because they don't have the same right to go to school to get an education. College prices should be lowered.