Essay asilomar 1975 dna modification secured 2008

essay asilomar 1975 dna modification secured 2008

However, unless the organism made a dangerous product, recombinant DNAs from cold-blooded vertebrates and all other lower eukaryotes could be constructed and propagated with the safest vector-host system available in low risk containment facilities. Three days following the release of the tape, Nixon resigned from his presidential office. Two years after the burglary, taped evidence was discovered that indicated that President Nixon had discussed a cover-up a week after. Most importantly, in order to limit issues of power imbalance, it is necessary not only to share information amongst all nations regarding already established genetic procedures, but also to individually consider the technologys long-term ramifications in developing and developed countries. In the words of science historian José Van Dijck, In the politicized mood of the 1970s, genetics got annexed as an environmental issue; this new configuration manifested itself in changed images of genetics, genes, and geneticists, which were no longer altogether altruistic, or even benign. The moderate risk level of containment was intended for experiments in which there was a probability of generating an agent with a significant potential for pathogenicity or ecological disruption. These recommendations were based on the different levels of risk associated with the experiment, which would require different levels of containment.

Asilomar 1975: DNA modification secured Nature

essay asilomar 1975 dna modification secured 2008

Name: Soo Hyun Kim, school:. When the inherent biology of an individual can be altered, concerns arise as to whether certain peoples lives can be engineered to be more valuable than others. CNN, Cable News Network, 18 Jan. One of the first individuals to develop recombinant DNA technology was a biochemist at Stanford by the name of Paul Berg. A frightening parallel arises with genetic engineering. 6 In his experimental design in 1974, he cleaved (cut into fragments) the monkey virus SV40.

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