Chemistry kitchen essay

chemistry kitchen essay

The next vitamin I will discuss is Vitamin. For example, water acts as an inhibitor of the oxidation reaction, but in dehydrated foods, the moisture content has an active bearing on oxidative on oxidative stability. One of the main activities in the kitchen is cooking which is chemistry, and thus excellent cooks are always regarded as chemists. Vitamin B also contains chromium, which is shown to reduce body fat. Certain compounds tend to enhance the effectiveness of various antioxidant systems although the opposite may be true under some circumstances. In our daily diets, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water are the main components in our food.

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Four possible mechanisms by which an inhibitor may function as a chain stopper for the free radical chain mechanism of lipid oxidation are suggested. The oxidation of the highly unsaturated fats resulting in polymeric end products and the oxidation. They are hydrogen donation and electron donation by the antioxidants, addition of the lipid to the aromatic ring of the antioxidant and the formation of a complex between the lipid and the aromatic ring of the antioxidant. The autoxidation of unsaturated fatty acids resulting in a mixture of volatile components leading to off-flavors is rancidity. The experienced cooks know that as a result of this reaction the cabbage will turn pink. The role of chemistry in the kitchen is vastly significant. Data do exist that show the effectiveness of amines, amino phenols and phenol-type antioxidants in food fat. Autoxidation (atmospheric oxidation) under the mild processing and storage conditions of the food industry is of utmost importance due to the resultant malodor- and malflavor-producing aldehydes and ketones. It also looses some nutritional value when it is exposed to light. For example, washing with soap and water, cleaning with detergent, etc.

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