Essay on equality and diversity

essay on equality and diversity

needs to reflect your actual work settings and you will need to upload examples of the systems and process within your workplace to promote equality and diversity. Equality involves treating all with fairness while diversity involves acknowledging the dissimilarities and thriving on them (Gagnon and Cornelius, 2006). The goal however has to be that each individual is reaching the same target however in his own best possible way, but at the end the same goal is successfully reached. Inclusive practice means promoting the development of all children, whatever their background, race, gender or ability. I will look into staffing, the environment and the funding available. Equality focuses on those areas covered by the law, namely the key areas of race, gender, show more content, in an inclusive environment there is recognition, acceptance and celebration of dierences and similarities. Its about recognising we are one although we are not the same, and to have my birthday essay for kids a sense of belonging. Learning outcomes Assessment criteria The learner will: The learner can: 1 Understand the key features of a culture which promotes equality and values diversity.1 Define the meanings of equality and diversity in the UK context.2 Identify the benefits of promoting equality and diversity.

It also places a duty on schools (and other organisations) to eliminate barriers to ensure that individuals can gain equal access to services. I will make reference to current legislation to support my discussion. Everyone has the right as an individual to have an equal opportunity and make the most of their lives and also should believe that they do not have less chances of succeeding because of where they come from, their beliefs or a disability.

6004 Leading Equality and Diversity Essay.College of Technology Leading Equality and Diversity Unit: 6004 dcmi Level -6 prepared BY : Wajiha Ghani student ID : 53474 submitted ON : Introduction: Equality and diversity is a term used to define and elaborate equality, diversity and human rights as core. 1 Email:, Phone: (UK) Website: In the world that we are living, equality and diversity are taken as pretty similar terms. Learners will also understand how to work with others to do this and review the contribution of their own practice. Legislation Purpose Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Protects the rights of all those with disabilities. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

essay on equality and diversity