Ban open burning essay

ban open burning essay

coughing, pulmonary infections, an inability to breathe, and more recently, coughing blood. Doctors in and near Beirut often noted an increase in respiratory illness cases in areas that began burning waste after the 2015 waste management crisis. He said he has had asthma since he was 10 years old, and that his condition is exacerbated by the burning. While other factors may play some part in these illnesses, the extent of air pollution from the open burning of waste, the correlation between these conditions and periods of open burning, and interviews with doctors and other public health experts suggest a causal relationship between. In Dekweneh, Wassim, whose father suffered when garbage was being burned near his home, told Human Rights Watch, I dont trust the municipality. In a letter to Human Rights Watch, the Civil Defenseequivalent to Lebanons fire departmentwrote that they had responded to 4,426 reports of open burning of waste since the beginning of the 2015 waste management crisis. They would transport her to the hospital to give her oxygen.

125 Human Rights Watch also spoke with Syrian refugees living near open burn sites, who said that they had never had respiratory problems in the past, but developed symptoms after moving near the dumps. Hamzes mother confirmed his account, saying I had symptoms in my lungs, I would stay a week in the hospital, it happened several times. 188 The head of the municipality told Human Rights Watch that he had ordered an end to the burning after residents complained, and that the municipality was covering the waste with dirt now instead.

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This is now, but we need to look to the future consequences, increases in cancer among the population. 3 Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment is responsible for regulating the waste management sector, establishing environmental standards, developing waste management strategies, and supervising waste management facilities. To the Ministry of Public Health. If wind is blowing south, the smoke and smell will reach the hospital. I woke up suffocating, she said. Im sure that Im being affected. May I still barbecue in designated barbecue sites? Human Rights Watch informed all interviewees of the nature and purpose of our research, and our intentions to publish a report with the information gathered.