Dear boy essay

dear boy essay

serves to point out how many opportunities his son has been given for success. The Term Paper on English Sample Question Paper. Using strategies such as understatements, diction, and rhetorical questions, Chesterfield subtly leaves reminders to his son that shows what Chesterfield holds as high values: obedience and reputation. To turn the mob against the conspirators. He writes that his sons merit must, and will, be the only measure of my kindness meaning the more merit his son has, the more generous he will. Warning : mysqli_close expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given in /home/webpro/public_html/a1/p on line. It seems that he is trying to give his son this advice in a friendly manner as opposed to a father giving his son advice. In lines eight to twelve, he goes on to seemingly compliment his son, writing that despite how young he (he being his son) is, Chesterfield knows his son can recognize good advice from bad advice. 19 pages, 9384 words. Using parallel structure here, Chesterfield is really saying that his son should know his father gives the best advice, and that his son better use his advice.

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He explains the fate of his son should he disobey and waste the opportunities given to him, thereby also showing the values Chesterfield holds dear to himself. This creates a tone of harmlessness and satire in the paragraph, allowing Chesterfield to use understatements with effect later in the letter. He goes on to write thatfor the sake of doing right his son must be noble and generous. In the beginning of the first paragraph, it seems that Chesterfield is insulting himself while complimenting his son. So in turn, we give it differently". Chesterfield later on describes what may happen to his son should be disobey, using words such as disgrace, ridicule, shame, and regret words that describe a person with a bad reputation. These lines show how Chesterfield values obedience and his choice of words - such as noble and generous - also represent qualities a person with a good reputation has. Chesterfield is basically telling his son that he better not waste the opportunities he has had. At the surface, the letter Lord Chesterfield writes to his son appears to simply offer his son simple sound advice with the intention to help his son. In lines thirty-nine to forty-two Chesterfield writes for can there be greater pleasure than to be universally allowed to excel in ones own age and manner of life?

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