Environmental term paper

environmental term paper

lives. Contrary to the CO2 warming climate models, however, tropospheric temperatures are not rising faster than surface temperatures. The magnitude of this atmospheric increase is currently about 4 gigatons (Gt C) of carbon per year. These examples are representative of a very large research literature on this subject (103-109). Temperature trend is so slight that, were the temperature change which has taken place during the 20th and 21st centuries to occur in an ordinary room, most of the people in the room would be unaware.

Completely satisfied with the service. Figure 23 summarizes 279 experiments in which plants of various types were raised under CO2-enhanced conditions. Figure 20: Global atmospheric methane concentration in parts per million between 19 (94). (1996) Geophysical Research Letters. The most recent part of this warming period is reflected by shortening of world glaciers, as shown in Figure. (1991) Science 254, 698-700.