Mmu psychology dissertations

mmu psychology dissertations

only met face-to-face twice in the whole process. (2011 making Sense of bachelor thesis erasmus school of economics the Social Aspects of Business Failure, The University of Edinburgh Submitted for the award of Master of Science in Psychological Research Methods. So I'd say that in some fields, supervision via email is pretty normal in the UK and it can work well. Registering for the British Librarys Electronic Thesis Service. (Unpublished) Dolgobrodova, Katya (2016) Exploring the positive psychological aspects of video-gaming: A thematic analysis of semi-structured interviews. (Unpublished) Connolly, Phoebe (2016) The transition from student to teacher: investigating the changing identities of trainee teachers. I gave up on my first one six months into the process, as I could see I was flogging a dead horse - they just weren't interested in my topic.

Items where Division is MMU Psychology Journal (Dissertations) and Yea. Dolgobrodova, Katya (2016) Exploring the positive psychological aspects. Divisions: MMU Psychology Journal (Dissertations).

A Correlational Design Exploring the Relationship Between Gossiping and Facebook Usage. T V, w Number of items:. (2010 a Qualitative Study of the Psychological Impact of Unemployment on Individuals, Dublin Institute of Technology. Submitted for the award of Masters in Child, Family and Community Studies. (Unpublished) Wood, Stephanie (2016) Anyones best friend: A qualitative exploration of the positive influences of animal assisted therapy on mental health and well-being. (Unpublished) Whittle, Caed (2016) "How do people experience metacognitive knowledge during periods great words to start an essay of low mood? Please note that the reports have not been peer-reviewed and have been presented (more or less) as submitted by the authors for assessment towards their final-year studies at undergraduate level. Original post by, klix88 the majority of my supervision was done via email over the summer, but I was expecting that when he took. Perhaps there is gap for an online hub of Masters projects? However the student has to be very proactive and instigate/manage communication.