Hanukkah essays

hanukkah essays

I didn't really feel left out when the school choir sang carols and re-enacted. I had been sympathizing, and gaining a sense of my own Jewish identity, from the idea of brave men who had taken it upon themselves to fight the power and rise up against oppression and religious intolerance. That was a truth I was quite comfortable with. Purim and Hanukkah share a rabbinic origin, a festive character, and a generally informal nature. And here is the recipe for Sufganiyot (adapted from Zabar's Recipe Blog ). After lighting candles, many families will extend the ritual by singing the traditional song, Maoz Tzur "Rock of Ages" (for a rendering in both Hebrew and English, see this clip ; an alternate melody ; and my favorite, a choral version ).

And what about the truth about Hanukkah itself? Needless to say, this development has been welcomed enthusiastically by toy manufacturers and retailers alike. As the early pioneers in Israel found themselves fighting to defend against attacks, they began to connect with the ancient Jewish fighters who stood their ground in the same place. And the Jewish fundamentalists behind the assassination of Itzhak Rabin in 1995 were doing the same thing. Directions for playing can be found here. To fill, make a small opening and spoon in jam or jelly or shake the doughnuts lightly in a paper bag with regular or confectioners' sugar. The brave Maccabees, outnumbered and out-armed, with God on their side, miraculously defeated their oppressors and won religious freedom and sovereignty for the Jews.

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