Robert frost essay on poetry

robert frost essay on poetry

Better Essays 956 words (2.7 pages) Preview - The solitude of a rainy nighttime walk invokes thoughts of sadness and isolation, in Robert Frosts poem Acquainted with the Night. He was born to Isabelle Moodie Frost and William Prescott Frost. The speaker reaching the fork in the road is symbolism for a particular decision that he must make in life. Out of the sixteen lines, only twoboth short onesare indisputably regular.

Frosts analogies are used in the themes of personification, nature, and metaphors. It looks like a personal poem about a decision of vast importance, but there is evidence to the contrary both inside and outside the poem. Socrates hemlock was quite a different thing from the tree inhabited by Frosts crow, and the womans misinterpretation exemplifies an important point: Not all the possible suggestions of a word or image are necessarily applicable in a given context. The sonnet is full of words and phrases such as old, early petal-fall, down in showers, dust is over all, and the bird would cease, that suggest decline in the natural order. The works in this volume represent the conscious application of a theory which Frost set forth most directly in several letters to a friend named John Bartlett. Design First published: 1936 (collected our principal essay english in A Further Range, 1936) Type of work: Poem The question of whether there exists a comprehensible plan or design in nature is a baffling one. Robert Frost once said, But I was one of the children told /.