Thesis on customer satisfaction in banking sector

thesis on customer satisfaction in banking sector

study of e-banking functionality and outcomes of customer satisfaction investigated that fees determined by Jordan essay keywords banks were an important element to facilitate the using of e-banking which was reflected on the customer satisfaction and the study of Sultan findings revealed. This is due to low level of ICT infrastructure and lack of legal frame works at NBE, which can initiate banking industry to implement the system. Unfortunately, data on Internet banking are scarce, and differences in definitions make cross-country comparisons difficult. High Service Quality and level of satisfaction leads are the main attributes contributing to retaining customers and attract new ones. View PDF, download PDF, abstract, this study presents what impact electronic banking has on customer satisfaction in comparing with traditional brick and mortar banking service, its relationship with that of age, occupation and education, its impact on branch visits, the level of customer understanding about. According to Yi-Jen Yang, for Electronic Banking to expand further in the future, enhancing the security and privacy will be important as consumers must be protected from any frauds, any sort of technological crimes and errors.

A, thesis on, correlation Between, customer, services and Its, satisfaction

thesis on customer satisfaction in banking sector

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Balachandher KG, Vaithilingam S, Ismail N, PrasadR (2001) Electronic banking in Malaysia: Note on evolution of service and consumer reactions. Patil et al, 2010). (1995) carried the same analysis as Cronin and Taylor and stated that servqual performed better than servperf and that servqual is more scientific approach and is firmly based on literature. F is 682.105 at a significance level.000 which implies the rejection of H0 which means there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and availability (24/7 knowledge of customers about e-banking and improvement of customers in controlling their account movements. Romania Knowledge Management Research Practice 3: 1-14. Retrieved from p?vref1 Reference Copied to Clipboard. But cross-border finance also needs a higher degree of cross-border supervision. There were no sample respondents who strongly disagree that they do not know what e-banking means and.75 said they disagree and the study results improve the result of the study of Salman and Kashif about knowledge of users of e-banking in Pakistan bank customers. The application of information and communication technology concepts, techniques, policies and implementation strategies to banking services has become a subject of fundamentals importance and concerns to all banks and indeed a prerequisite for local and global competitiveness in banking industry. In the developed countries like France, 3 out of 40 purchases on line and the remaining 37 are reluctant to use on line services and the reason is security and privacy which is the major threats to perform online business.