Statistics data analysis project

statistics data analysis project

this course was to manuever. While I have read books, being able to go through exercises and get feedback was critical. Ragsdale sets the gold standard for teaching, from his clear and informative text to his prompt and helpful forum responses to his efficient and effective course design. I can't wait to take other courses. It's the kind of thing that would never happen in a mooc and shows the value of a course such as this. It was a terrific course - Peter Mulready, System Architect at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical The theory was clear and well explained; which allowed me matt's master's thesis to tackle very unfamiliar concepts with relative ease. You include variety, such as the videos, the homework, the quizzes, the textbook, and the discussion board. . He interacted meaningfully with students throughout the week. Also enjoyed the feedback on assignments.

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Julie Kezik, Yale University I took the course to get starting using R, thus I think this will help with my use of statistics in the future. . Douglas Mayfield, Holland America Group I found this course to be very helpful. . To my delighted surprise I found the course to be one of the very best (out of more than 20) I have taken at . Ev's role as instructor made a huge difference - Francisco Conejo, University of Colorado Denver I enjoyed the course guidance from Everett. Overall, I enjoyed the class and it was writing a concept proposal well worth the time spent. The Assistant Teacher was very diligent and professional in reaching out to me and giving me every opportunity to be successful in this course!

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