Save fuel for better environment essay in punjabi

save fuel for better environment essay in punjabi

the dead remains ucf admissions essay prompt of animals and plants over the centuries. Unlike liquid and solid fuels, the gaseous fuels do not produce any smoke. We are dependent on these fuels for almost all our tasks. Fuel Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Fuels are divided into different categories based on their properties and their way of production. You must switch to such appliances to save fuel.

Digboi town in the India state of Assam and Western Offshore are known for their oil deposits. It takes numerous years to generate these fuels and once used these get finished. For instance, these are made of freshly harvested plants unlike fossil fuels that take millions of years to generate. Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic. Here is a brief look at these categories: Solid Fuels, these refer to the solid substances that generate heat and light energy by the process of combustion.

There are various fuels that are used in our daily lives. Burning these fuels produces less greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuels. These are used for carrying out day to day tasks such as generating electricity, heating your home or office space, running your vehicle, etc. Non-Renewable Fuels Non-renewable fuels, as is evident by the name, are those fuels that cannot be renewed. Bio fuels and hydrogen fuels are considered to be renewable fuels. For instance, some fuels come under chemical fuels others are categorized as nuclear fuels. This is the reason why they are priced high. Some of the examples of liquid fuels include gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gases.

save fuel for better environment essay in punjabi