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her.A. Monica Bulger, ancient Greek Art and Archaeology, monica studies ancient Greek art and archaeology. He also works on integrating computational photography (e.g. She is trained as an architectural historian with a focus on modernist movements from the nineteenth to the late twentieth century. His research spans three areas, the first being Persian painting and the arts of the book. In the 1980s, artists largely jettisoned the emphasis on collectivism; yet as they became entrepreneurs in line with the new economic culture of staunch individualism, the rhetoric about nature endured. Daniel Ralston Daniel Ralston, a doctoral candidate, specializes in the art and visual culture of nineteenth-century Spain and Latin America. Adam Veige from the University of Florida and Prof. Dan Borchardt providing the 2D NMR analysis, discovers unprecedentedly large effects of molecular electric dipoles on charge transfer, and develops an approach for quantifying such effects.

Where women return to their children as butterflies or as tears in the eyes of the statues that their daughters pray.
CSW is thrilled to welcome Sarah Haley, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and African American Studies, as our new Associate Director.
Haley has research and teaching investments in black feminism, gender history, carceral studies, labor, and black radicalism.
She is the author of No Mercy Here.
At its Winter 2018 meeting, the Foundations Board of Trustees selected the following projects for receipt of an Archival Grant: The Pobladores Project Database: Documenting the Lives of the Spanish and Mexican Settlers in Los Angeles to 1850, Steven Hackel.

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In Art History and Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Washington and Lee University and.M.A. Program in 2014, Emogene collaborated with several museums through her work in interactive design and art education, including the Walker Art Center, the Smithsonian Institution, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the Krannert Art Museum, and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Julia Vazquez Southern Renaissance and Baroque Art Julia holds.A. Since 2015, Michael has been an active member on Prof. His research has been supported by the Jill MacCormick Fellowship (20162017 the. Her research focuses on what she terms a materiality of femininity in the late middle ages. Adam received his BA in Art History and Spanish Literature from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Her dissertation research is generously supported by a Riggio Fellowship in Art History (2017-18). Julián Sánchez González Julián Sánchez González is. Candidate studying Etruscan and Roman art. In Vancouver, he was involved for many years in campus radio and music and culture journalism. She graduated with.F.A (Honors) from the University of Manitoba, Canada where she was awarded the Program Medal in Art History (2011).

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