Phd thesis on hepatoprotective activity

phd thesis on hepatoprotective activity

textile dying industry effluent in batch and flow reactor systems thamilchelvi. Snekhalatha burajan Eevaluation of rheumatoid arthritis using x-ray and thermography vanandam burajan Diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes Mellitus using non contact Infrared Thermography geline Kiruba burajan Imaging and Image Processing in evaluation of Breast Cancer in Human subjects and laboratory animals hok Kumar burajan Digital. M.Ponnavaikko Development of Image Processing techniques for detection and stage classification of Lung Cancer using CT images abnam.

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phd thesis on hepatoprotective activity

S.Govindrajan A study on quality enhancement of composite web services in service oriented architecture using certain selection techniques ranjana. P.Ravilochanan Choice of Retail Store in Beverage and Confectionary Buying Kavitha Sethuraman. R.Jamuna Rani To Evaluate the Vitamin D Status, Vitamin D Receptor Polymorphism and Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide in Asociation with Tuberculosis: A Case Control Study Department of Pharmaceutics Name of the Candidate Supervisor Thesis Title nimaran. J.Radhika Krishnan The effect of Ormocarpum DC on steroid induced Osteoporosis anmugasundaram ristilda Felicia Jebakani Effect of the Ethonolic Extract of Ionidium Suffruticosum on alcohol induced reproductive tissue chages in male albino rats School of Public Health Name of the Candidate Supervisor Thesis Title jayaprasad. Jayashree Suresh Positioning Of Private Brands In Men's Apparel Vijayan. Nthanalakshmi nthosh Kumar Work life balance of female Nurses in private tertiary hospitals- With reference to Chennai District".S.Rajeswari. Helen.Kavitha Vibrational Spectroscopy studies, Molecular Structure and biological activities of Triazine and Sulphonamide derivatives van thanareeswari Study on enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of some Biopharmacheutics classification system 9BCS) class II molecules using different scientific applications nthil sidharan Carbon Nitride based functional materials. Lakshmi Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical And Pharmacological Evaluation Of The Leaves Of Symplocos Cochinchinensis (Lour.) microfinance essay ore urina (Retz.) Nooteb. M.P.Rajesh Production and purification of a Fibrinolytic enzyme from Bacillus cereus SRM- 001 isolated from blood laden soil of chicken dump yard fiya. Y.Lokeswara Choudary Prospects of Islamic banking in india anmugam. M.Ravichandran Culture influence on apparel buying behavior: A comparative study between North and South India amilchelvi. K.M.Ramkumar Protective effect of Morin against high glucose-induced Beta cell apopotosis and Streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus dhakar zeer Cephalopod derived Antioxidant Peptides and Chitosan and their Biomedical applications epika.

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