Importance of trees in environmental protection essay

importance of trees in environmental protection essay

i wanted but still excellent jobs joyanto, this site is important to all. Trees are source of natural shadow and cool air and most comfortable than the artificial cooling technologies like fan, coolers, air conditioning, etc. How to Save a Tree, here are some effective ways to save tree and save life and environment on the earth: We should find out the reasons of trees removal in the particular region and analyze that whether tree was need to be removed because. They give us timber to make furniture, refresh air, prevent soil erosion and floods, give cool and clean air in summer, source of products like gum, paper, rubber, medicine, rain, etc. Trees also remove carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, from the air. Sometimes, even if replacements are planted, they are often species of trees that will not become large. Trees add lots of value to our lives as well as and improve our living status by providing fresh oxygen and nutritious foods.

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Carbon captured from the atmosphere essays on balanced diet by photosynthesis is eventually recycled through the environment in a process known as the carbon cycle. Environment and Crime in the Inner City: Does Vegetation Reduce Crime? Save Trees Essay 7 (800 words) Introduction Trees play great role in cleaning the air, soil and water and thus making earth a better place to live. Tree cutting is done due to three reasons. Secondly, the urban areas are growing at an alarming rate, and the cost of building and maintaining air quality, water and energy needs for residents has created a seemingly impossible challenge.